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At Reality One Group, we ensure to keep all the information provided by our clients safe and use it only for their benefit by making their experience on our site easier and way better.

Privacy Policy of Reality One Group

This privacy policy page explains why we need this information and how we are going to use it. All the applicable terms and conditions are clearly mentioned here. Kindly take your time to read and fully understand all of it before submitting any personal data. These terms and conditions mentioned in our site are subject to change in order to improve user experience and to meet with the current trends. Any changes on this aspect will be made public.

Privacy Policy of Reality One Group

In the first step, we take the easily accessible information that is required to process any transactions that you make using our site, reach out to you on your request, and keep a record of our membership. These are the details that we need to perform above-mentioned actions;
Contact information includes your home or office address, phone numbers, your company name, and work status.
Each time you visit our website, the web server automatically tracks data like your domain name, email address, and IP address (Internet Protocol address).
While you visit our website through your mobile phones, there are a few details that may be collected automatically which include your mobile device’s name or type, its unique ID, and your mobile’s IP address.

Privacy Policy of Reality One Group

We use your personal information in order to improve your experience on our site by making the content more personalized and the design of our site more user-friendly and understandable.
By agreeing to receive emails and notifications from Reality One Group, you make it easier for us to keep you updated on every change in our business or in the industry.
We keep you informed about the latest trends in the real estate industry.
You receive a notification on every change that we make on our site.
We use clients’ personal data to strengthen our relationships and provide them with the best of our services.

We accept Cookies and use Tracking Technologies

Our site uses cookies and tracking technologies which are activated on certain types of services being provided at Reality One Group. You are always notified and asked if we can use cookies and we only proceed with it once you’ve permitted us to. These cookies and other tracking technologies similar to these are required to collect data such as browser type you’re using while visiting our site, the number of times you have visited, how you spend your time on our site, or what are your keen interests. These cookies and tracking technologies do not collect any of your personal information. The information that Cookies and another tracker gather may be shared with third parties.

Learn who we share this information with

This information may be shared with higher government authorities that are being subjected to take action against any fraud or illegal activities. If we see any such activities happening on our site, we must share the details with legal authorities in order to best handle the situation.
The information can also be shared in normal conditions when it is required by the law.
To prevent any mishaps or unauthorized transactions and deals. We must keep a track of every single activity on our site to make it a safe place for our customers as well as ourselves.
To investigate any act of double-dealing or scam that has been done by anyone on our site. We must take it to the legal authorities as soon as we get the idea of it happening.

Learn how we protect your given data

We use secured systems to gather your personal data, and storage and to proceed with the procedures. We take all the required safety measures in order to keep your information safe and protected with us. We take extra care of your personal information, transactions made on our site, and the data we use to prevent unauthorized access or illegal acts. All of this information is only available to see for authorized agents, legal authorities, and contractors ( all of these people first agree to keep it safe and then receive the information). You always have the freedom to unsubscribe from our emails and notifications

Changes and contact information regarding Reality One Group privacy policy

Reality One Group keeps the right to change any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions at any given chance when we feel the need for it. As previously mentioned, any changes made on our site will be mentioned in the privacy policy for public review. In order to be informed about these changes, you must visit this page every once in a while.

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